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NCABlackstar WhiteHoc Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi Manager

White-Hoc is an application that will enable you to set up an ad -hoc Wi-Fi connection in Windows™, if your system is capable of supporting Ad-Hoc connection. 

It allows you to easily configure and control the connection without having to use the command line every time that you want the connection running.

WhiteHoc Features Includes:

  • Fast and productive interface for Handling and Managing Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi connections for your Windows™ Desktop.
  • Rename Ad-Hoc connection.
  • Set White-Hoc to start the connection every time that it is launched. 
  • Set Up connection for Internet sharing and File Sharing.
  • You can specify a Default Gateway and a Primary DNS server address for your connection.
  • and More...

System Requirements: Operating System(s): Windows 7 ™, Windows 8 ™, Windows 8.1 ™ (With .net Framework 4.5) 

We have also included a Quick-Guide along with the installer. The product forum can be found here