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The NCABlackstar Studio

NCABlackstar is now revealing a secret! The greatest reason we have ever been up and running is our Dark Horse, NCABlackstar Studio.

We aim NB's studio from photography to Movie making and even CG effects!! 

Below is our latest work :


Gloz is our brand new creation in CG.


The image you see to your left is a combination of completely CG generated character, Gloz and the surrounding from a real panorama!

Gloz was rendered in 3ds Max using mentalray. The background is actually a sequence of photographs of a real room, from all the six sides. All the photographs were merged to form a photograped surrounding. Gloz was rendered in the middle of this 'virtual' room, to have caustics and shadow effects, to look more realistic and blended.

The work is from NCABlackstar studio.

What do you say now? You want us to create a huge CG movie?

Below are our works in photography:

What's with NCABlackstar products and NCABlackstar Studio?

NCABlackstar Studio will always be the only Organisation that will hold Royalty free, exclusive license with access over NCABlackstar products' source code.

In other words, if NCABlackstar Studio is taken over by a different board, all the rights of the products shall also shift to the same! Every NCABlackstar studio member can use our products without paying a single amount.  

This is primarily to reduce revenue 'suck-ups' by World class commercial products. The following products are used by NCABlackstar Studio at the moment:

NCABlackstar Knips Editor    (Photo Editing)

NCABlackstar Gangland Myth Composite     (Compositing)

NCABlackstar Axwave      (Sound Editing)

The products shall be available to the public soon.....

Check out more of them here