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NCABlackstar WhiteHoc, Up and Ready

Now Create and Manage Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi with NCABlackstar WhiteHoc!

With WhiteHoc, you can create and manage Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi through easy-to-use GUI interface rather than command prompt interface in Windows™ (Which is something Microsoft®  haven't corrected even in 8.1 !). 

WhiteHoc is Lightweight, easy-to-use and safe

WhiteHoc enables you to Internet, Files, Rename Ad-Hoc connections. Everything procedural and automated on parallel sides. 

Expect Amazing User Interface from now!

NCABlackstar has finally decided to go on with a completely 'brainchild' UI controls as signature feature for our Products. Above is a snapshot from one of our UI Tests. Dark theme applied whole new buttons, panels, Group boxes, Text boxes, Soft-Shadow applied Pictureboxes and so on...

The user-interface will be first applied in NCABlackstar PhotoLaunch, a software for Editing and Managing photos. Unlike other products, PhotoLaunch will be shipped in three Forms:

PhotoLaunch Home (Free for non-commercial uses and limited features)

PhotoLaunch Pro (Specially designed for commercial uses, and will be proprietary)

PhotoLaunch Express (Free for commercial use, but will only include limited, easy-to-use features)

Wait to get Amazed!

           Go Ad-Hoc with WhiteHoc!